Piotr Ozimiński

son of Henryk, was born at 25th of July 1967 at Golb Dobrzyn.
Before he started his service at GROM he was at active service in Police at Warsaw.
In years 1992 – 2011 he served at GROM ( it means until his death at 27th of March 1996 ) During his service he was taking part at mission at Haiti.

For is merit and valor during his missions he was awarded by the President of Republic of Poland with Cross of merit for Bravery.

He was passion by sports like martial arts, diving, climbing, we was carried the title of junior high altitude lifeguard.


Krzysztof Tadeusz Kaśkos

Was born at 10th of October 1974 at Wroclaw
Graduated at Military Academy called by name of Tadeusz Kosciuszko
Between 1998 – 2004 served at GROM
At 2004 was employed by American company Black Water
At 5th of June 2004 was killed at terrorist ambush in Baghdad, Iraq

Krzysiek loved people, he loved world, sport, his is work and live. Krzysiek was unique and exceptional in every way, as a man, husband, son, and soldier.
He was honorable, responsible, intelligent, ambitious, courageous, honest, and he was…
He was, he is, and he always will be in our hearts…

Awarded posthumously by President of Republic of Poland Mr. Lech Kaczynski with Iraq star and Cross of Knight of the Order of the Military Cross.




Adam Brown

Adam BROWN Foundation






Gen. bryg. Sławomir Petelicki (brigadier general)

Slawomir was born on 13th September 1946, originator and commanding officer (CO)at GROM in 1990-1995 and 1997 -1999. He used to work at the Ministry of Foregin Affairs and his responsibility was to protect diplomatic establishments worldwide.In 1969-1990 he was intelligence officer, working abroad for 10 years. He was passionate about parachute jumping, skin-diver and sniper.He achiveved black belt in Judo.Slawomir was a founder and chairman of GROM special forces Foundation,chairman of board of directors at GROM, a member of Security council, concultant at Ernst & Young Poland. He was specialised in defense,security and crisis management sectors.Slawomir Petelicki has been awarded with Krzyż Komandorski Orderu Odrodzenia Polski and Krzyż za Dzielność by President Lech Wałęsa, and with For Military Merit by Secretary for Defense of USA. He was honoured member of 5th. and 10th. Group of US Army Special Forces. He was married and had 3 kids.







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col. Slawomir Berdychowski


Chor. Mirosław Łucki


Ireneusz Jaroszewski

W dniu 25 czerwca po walce z guzem odszedł mąż , ojciec i dziadek, podinsp. Ireneusz Jaroszewski

Bartlomiej Kankowski

beloved husband, son, brother and friend!
You are no longer here with us and nothing will ever fill this emptiness in our hearts, that you left behind you.
Please, know that we will always remember you as a man with a warm, sincere smile and great passion. You loved your life. Whatever you did was always for one million percent. You did not take any shortcuts.
You set a goal and took care of it, respecting people whom you met along the way.
You are our role model for a beautiful and fulfilled being
We love you ❤️
Blue skies

  • Dorota Kulesza